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Adovan Asia providing very sensitive documents handling with the government offices to get your cargo export or import clearance with ease of time. Having good reputation and closed connectivity with the Port Authority and Custom offices ensuring your goods will clear in the stipulated time with no hazel.

We do provide –
Formal custom clearance formalities
Temporary import or export bond handling
Transshipment handling
Facilitating bonded warehouse.

Our services are compliance with the proper guidance by the government authorities and following their guidelines at all time.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are the shipping rates so volatile?
    Beyond the several service factor, Market demand is the primary reason behind the rate to be volatile.

    From May through November this would be the “peak season” where there is a big demand for cargo moving through., so the Carriers raise the rates during this period, several charges implement on this season such as GRI (General Rate Increase) and PSS (Peak Season Surcharge) to support up held the space and moving cargo on the vessel. Throughout the December will be the “slow season” where all the factories and buyers are getting ready for the Christmas and new year.

    Another factor will be the OIL price hikes, whereby liners will impose BAF surcharge. especially with Unions, congestion problems, etc. some may change Terminal Handling Charges (THC) to overcome particular port terminal charges hikes.
  • What are the usual methods of freight payment?
    Usual methods of freight payment on cash and online interbank transactions(GIRO), but we accept the cheques as a method of payment draw under Adovan Asia Sdn Bhd.

    Most of the time Adovan Asia dealing with the customer on mutual understanding whereby we accept the shipments on credit basis.

    Under the WCA membership, we often use Partner Pay System for our agents worldwide.

    Note: - Final documents of the shipments releasing, only against the payment
    In line with Malaysia’s implementation of GST, all invoices issued on or after 01 April 2015 by Adovan Asia Sdn Bhd will be subjected to GST for the applicable terms.
  • Do you handle international household moves?
    Yes, we are the leaders of handling the Household moves in Malaysia with bond with several internationally recognized movers nation-wide.

    Moreover, we have close relation with few foreign Embassies and High commissions for the “Embassy Cargo” movement to India Sub-con & Europe mainly.
  • How and where can we pick up the cargo at destination?
    Most of the time goods pick up depend on the agreed shipment terms at the begining of shipment arrangement.

    However, once you submit the relevant documents Adovan Asia will do the necessary clearing at the custom and pay duty accordingly, after that if you want us to deliver the cargo to your door step Adovan Asia team will assist you with the step by step.

    For the export, your buyer / Client will get the notification about the cargo arrival from our agent at the destination port, while your client submitting the necessary papers for clearance.

    We Adovan Asia will send notification to you throughout the shipment as a additional service to you as a complement.
  • What is a freight forwarder?
    When considering the necessity of the manufacturing companies to deal with international import/export, freight forwarders play a huge part in providing intermediate services between clients and various multi-model transportation services.

    Services are not limiting to providing transportation (by Sea/by Air/Land transport), will utilize the custom offices, main shipping lines, airlines and movers to get the job done with the secure reliable delivery.

    We Adovan Asia as an International Freight Forwarder, give the most economical route and services for your need such as providing Forwarding, Custom clearance, warehousing, project cargo handling, NVOCC service, etc;.
  • What kind of paperwork I will need to fill out ahead of time?
    Considering Export, you have to prepare the complete commercial invoice and packing list for the custom declaration. Beside that Adovan Asia team will advise on the all necessary steps and documents when the time of shipment arrangement.

    For the Import, we need Bills of Lading and import invoice and packing list for clearance, other than that Adovan Asia team will assist you along the way to your door step. .
  • What’s the best way to send my goods?
    Solely depends on the urgency and the budget, whereby Ocean freight taking much longer transit and Air freight will only take one or two days’ maximum three days to anywhere in the world.
    Considering budget, sea freight is the cheaper than air freight for commercial cargo where urgency of the cargo very less.
    For the sea freight size is the matter and for the air freight weight is the matter when considering the cost of the shipment.

    Adovan Asia team will assist you if you need help to choose most suitable way of shipping out your cargo.
  • What is the Bill of Lading?
    is a legal document between the shipper of goods and the carrier detailing the type, quantity and destination of the goods being carried. The bill of lading also serves as a receipt of shipment when the goods are delivered at the destination.